360orthoCare is prescriptive video platform that provides diagnosis-specific, patient-specific physical therapy programs that can be conducted at home or work. The 360 platform allows clinicians and physical therapist the ability to connect with their patients without the need for patients to come into the clinic.

360orthoCare offers patients and healthcare professionals the ability monitor compliance of physical therapy while connecting patients and their clinicians to one another without the need for a waiting room.

The 360orthoCare Model

The 360orthoCare model comprises integrated cloud-based components:

  1. The 360orthoCare.com The 360orthoCare.com software helps patients identify their likely orthopaedic condition or problem by completing a branching-logic patient history, and patients are offered treatment suggestions based on their likely condition.

  2. OrthoProConDialog. Patients are provided with a series of dialog plans and shared decision-making tools with free video-based decision aids.

  3. OrthoTreat. Prescribed, real-time physical therapy video subscriptions that offer compliance and tracking.