The OMSAD Scanner is the physical exam station that allows clinicians, physical therapists, and patients the ability to collection, track, analyze and reproduce patient data. The OMSAD standardizes avatar routines for patients to repeat. When patients repeat the motions of the avatar, their patient-specific metrics are collected and imported into their HIPAA compliant electronic health record. The OMSAD is a non-invasive, safe solution to improve how clinicians help their patients.

The OMSAD System currently collects and analyzes:

Analytical Tools

  • Volumetric Analysis

  • Size Measurement

  • Weight

  • Measurement comparison over time


  • Range-of-Motion

  • Optical Imaging

  • Thermographic Imaging

  • Strength

  • Impedance


The OMSAD Hand and Wrist Scanner is the physical exam station that offers clinicians, physical therapists and patients a way to collect, track, and analyze hand and wrist-related injuries and ailments.